12 YouTube channels to watch with your children/parents


This post is aimed at the parents (and students) at International School of Geneva – Campus des Nations following this week’s ‘Meet the Technology for Learning Coordinator’ session. The idea is to share with you 12 YouTube channels that I think are great for parents to watch with their children. Some are silly, some are … Read more

Top 10 digital tips to make you better at being a student

Top 10 digital tips to make you better at being a student

Created to support a presentation being given as part of the Y12/DP1 Core session at International School of Geneva – Campus des Nations. A notebook works but there is also a huge range of digital tools to organise what you need to get done. Most of these platforms are based upon the need to ‘capture’ … Read more

Weekly post #8 – Soundtrap and ‘should we be showing Netflix in school?’

Three things to check out Should we be showing Netflix in school? No… unless… We work with ProLitteris to be able to work with copyrighted materials in school – such as the playing of DVDs etc. ProLitteris has advised us that although the viewing of Netflix documentations in the classroom in Switzerland is permitted under … Read more

Visiting Yosemite with Classroom VR

Google Expeditions

This post is the culmination of a period of research. It was prompted by a teacher’s request for her class (Year 7) to experience Yosemite National Park to stimulate discussion of it’s wonder and the part water has played upon forming the landscape. Our school has a BYOL policy and (most) students have smartphones. We … Read more

Building collaborative YouTube playlists with colleagues and students


All staff and students that use the Ecolint ‘Google Apps for Education’ domains (so anybody with a @ecolint.ch or @learning.ecolint.ch email address) has a YouTube account.   YouTube playlists are a convenient place to curate a set of YouTube clips for a whole number of reasons. Maybe you want to provide a playlist to help … Read more