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Weekly post #35 - Chromebooks,, digital notes and the Social Dilemma

Staff familiarisation with C13 Chromebooks

Forty teachers at International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations Secondary are starting the academic year using Lenovo C13 Chromebooks as their personal devices.

The slides below are what was used at the familiarisation session →

Use for all your Lucidpress and Lucidchart needs

Lucid have brought all their services and you files together in a very 'Google Drive' style approach.

To start a document or find your exiting ones - start of

Do you get students to produce notes in Google Documents?

If you allow your students to make digital notes in your lessons consider the use of a Google Documents.

A single document, per student, per subject structured with uniformly formatted headings (using H1, H2, H3 etc) and bookmarks produces a well structured document that increases in usefulness as more content is added.

The Social Dilemma is now available on YouTube

If you haven't seen it - it is worth a watch. I think there are some great sequences in it. I particularly like the ones that 'show' a characters attention being kept by a social media platform.

Weekly post #5 - Google Sites, Lucid for Education and Google Arts & Culture

Two things to check out

Transition your classic sites to new Google Sites

Google Sites

If you have a 'classic' Google Site you need to take steps to move it to 'new' Google Sites before November 2020.

If you have 'classic' Google Sites associated with your G Suite account you should have received an email from Google explaining the steps you need to take.

Lucidchart and Lucidpress certification trainings

LucidPress and LucidChart are apps within the International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations Digital Toolbox.

Lucid are making a real effort with the development of 'Lucid for Education' to support the use of the Lucid apps in schools.

If you want to improve your skills with LucidPress and LucidChart you will find the Lucidchart and Lucidpress certification trainings here.

Google Arts & Culture - have you had a look at it recently?

Google Arts & Culture is a fantastic resource which should be used beyond the arts department! There are all sorts of resources and experiences that have uses in most subject areas. Have a look, share what you find with a colleague and if you would like help integrating it into your teaching and learning please just ask!

The app is worth adding to your smartphone even if it is just for the 'Art Selfie' feature that compares your selfie to thousands of artworks to see if any look like you!

Art Selfie
Art Selfie