Practical Pedagogies 2018 – Engaging older students with Google Geo Tools

Engaging older students with Google Geo Tools

I had the pleasure to attend the biennial Practical Pedagogies conference hosted by St. George’s International School Cologne, Germany. The focus of Practical Pedagogies is ‘REAL training for REAL classroom teachers’. I hope the session I presented upon ‘Engaging older students with Google Geo Tools’ was useful for the 20 or so ‘real’ teachers who … Read more

Google Expeditions are not just for geographers…

Google Cardboard in lesson

Google Expeditions is Google’s platform for enabling Google Cardboard users to experience visuals in an organised, teacher (guide) lead manner. The visuals offered by Google Expeditions are not solely for the domain of geography teachers and their classes. Students at the International School of Geneva – Campus des Nations have been using Google Expeditions to view … Read more

Creating VR in the (geography) classroom

What is Classroom VR?

This blog post supports a workshop I delivered at Practical Pedagogies 2016 titled: Creating VR in the (geography) classroom. Google Expeditions [Expeditions] – List of available Expeditions Google Expedition related resources on TES Google Cardboard Handsets Mattel View-Master Stooksy I am Cardboard Capture Ricoh Theta Nodal Ninja PTGui Share Richard Allaway’s profile on RoundMe 360° … Read more

Visiting Yosemite with Classroom VR

Google Expeditions

This post is the culmination of a period of research. It was prompted by a teacher’s request for her class (Year 7) to experience Yosemite National Park to stimulate discussion of it’s wonder and the part water has played upon forming the landscape. Our school has a BYOL policy and (most) students have smartphones. We … Read more