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Weekly post #3 - school weather station, audience questions in Slides and Google Classroom rubrics

The school weather station

The school weather station has been running smoothly since early in the academic year. You should have seen the 'live' display on the corridor screens. The data is being recorded and stored should any department want to explore it and it's possabilities.

Audience questions via Google Slides

Google Slides has the ability to collect questions from the 'audience'/class. This is an interesting approach for anybody presenting to large groups or is looking for an alternative to the 'chat' channel in Google Meet.

There is a page about this feature here.

10 Ways Google Certification Can Support Remote Learning

'Shake Up Learning' is the podcaster that produced the episode about online learning tips that lots of us listened to as we headed towards 'lockdown'.

Kasey Bell has recently released an episode titled '10 Ways Google Certification Can Support Remote Learning'. It is worth a listen and I remain available for any Secondary educator at Campus des Nations who would like support preparing for the certification assessment.

Rubrics in Google Classroom

ManageBac remains the school's primary tool for the setting of tasks and the collation of grades. Personally, I find the MYP rubric generation and criteria tracking excellent.

A lot of us are using Google Classroom for the distribution and collection of G Suite files. It is possible to create rubrics in Google Classroom. For those of us using Google Classroom as an integral part of assessments - the ability to add rubrics could be extremely useful.

A article about rubrics in Google Classroom can be found here.