My Opinion: Google Cardboard = Educational Cocaine, really?

Google Cardboard

The Daily Mail has found some ‘experts’ who have equivocated Google’s efforts to demo Google Cardboard and Google Expeditions in classrooms to them pushing ‘educational cocaine’. This is a bit much – not on the whole Daily Mail scale of a bit much – but daft nevertheless. I admit that Google is trying hard to get … Read more

Google Expeditions are not just for geographers…

Google Cardboard in lesson

Google Expeditions is Google’s platform for enabling Google Cardboard users to experience visuals in an organised, teacher (guide) lead manner. The visuals offered by Google Expeditions are not solely for the domain of geography teachers and their classes. Students at the International School of Geneva – Campus des Nations have been using Google Expeditions to view … Read more

Creating VR in the (geography) classroom

What is Classroom VR?

This blog post supports a workshop I delivered at Practical Pedagogies 2016 titled: Creating VR in the (geography) classroom. Google Expeditions [Expeditions] – List of available Expeditions Google Expedition related resources on TES Google Cardboard Handsets Mattel View-Master Stooksy I am Cardboard Capture Ricoh Theta Nodal Ninja PTGui Share Richard Allaway’s profile on RoundMe 360° … Read more

Visiting Yosemite with Classroom VR

Google Expeditions

This post is the culmination of a period of research. It was prompted by a teacher’s request for her class (Year 7) to experience Yosemite National Park to stimulate discussion of it’s wonder and the part water has played upon forming the landscape. Our school has a BYOL policy and (most) students have smartphones. We … Read more

Desert VR Experience created for Individual and Societies class

Desert Camp VR

A four scene VR experience created from 360° images taken during a geography field trip to Morocco. The images where taken with a Ricoh THETA S and a Nexus 6 smartphone using the Google Camera app. The students will use their own smartphone devices and school provided Google Cardboard headsets. The context of the lesson … Read more

Solution Number 2: HoloBuilder

Holobuilder example

I want students to be able to experience a 360° image directly from a webpage. That 360° image (photosphere) should at the very least be embedded into the page and preferably be easily opened in a VR manner such as using Google Cardboard and a smartphone. Google Street View does not allow photospheres to be … Read more

Problem: I would like to create a ‘Google Expedition’s type experience in my classroom

Google Cardboard

As a geography teacher I want to take advantage of the teaching and learning opportunities that VR in the classroom presents. I teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Geography course and part of it is teaching ‘Extreme Environments’. As we discuss glacial landscapes and the processes that are forming them I want to ‘take’ the … Read more

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is Google’s virtual reality platform. It is based upon the utilization of a user’s own smartphone device and a fold-out cardboard headset. This leads to a low-cost system which has much lower requirements for access within an educational setting. Google Cardboard’s specification were designed by Google but they do not manufacture the headsets … Read more

What is Classroom VR?

What is Classroom VR?

Classroom virtual reality (VR) is the use of simple, affordable VR platforms as part of effective and efficient teaching. Classroom VR is based upon an immersive multimedia experience – replicating a physical presence at a location in the real world. A stereoscopic display is created on a smartphone device which is then held by a … Read more