Building collaborative YouTube playlists with colleagues and students


All staff and students that use the Ecolint ‘Google Apps for Education’ domains (so anybody with a or email address) has a YouTube account.   YouTube playlists are a convenient place to curate a set of YouTube clips for a whole number of reasons. Maybe you want to provide a playlist to help … Read more

Southampton to Cape Town in 1937 – Using ArcGIS Online

Travel by air

This lesson has existed in various forms for the last couple of years. The basis of the learning experience is that students design the route that a plane would have taken in 1937 to travel from Southampton to Cape Town. This version of the lesson uses ArcGIS Online as the main digital tool for designing … Read more

Problem: I would like to create a ‘Google Expedition’s type experience in my classroom

Google Cardboard

As a geography teacher I want to take advantage of the teaching and learning opportunities that VR in the classroom presents. I teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Geography course and part of it is teaching ‘Extreme Environments’. As we discuss glacial landscapes and the processes that are forming them I want to ‘take’ the … Read more

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is Google’s virtual reality platform. It is based upon the utilization of a user’s own smartphone device and a fold-out cardboard headset. This leads to a low-cost system which has much lower requirements for access within an educational setting. Google Cardboard’s specification were designed by Google but they do not manufacture the headsets … Read more