Using Anki flashcards with IB DP Geography detailed examples and case studies


The last post ‘Using Anki flashcards as an IB DP Diploma student’ outlined the use of Anki flashcards to support spaced repetition. In this post I want to focus the use of Anki for the revision of IB DP Geography detailed examples and case studies. Detailed examples When examples are used, students should not just … Read more

Using Anki flashcards as an IB DP Diploma student


Anki is a free to install (Windows and Mac) application that is used to make and review flashcards. The application, which is popular with university medical and law students, is based upon enabling spaced repetition. As a user reviews a deck they indicate how easy or hard they found the content. This will then determine … Read more

Practical Pedagogies 2018 – Engaging older students with Google Geo Tools

Engaging older students with Google Geo Tools

I had the pleasure to attend the biennial Practical Pedagogies conference hosted by St. George’s International School Cologne, Germany. The focus of Practical Pedagogies is ‘REAL training for REAL classroom teachers’. I hope the session I presented upon ‘Engaging older students with Google Geo Tools’ was useful for the 20 or so ‘real’ teachers who … Read more

Eight sources of podcasts that will be useful for IB DP Geographers students and educators


Many times, while leading IB DP professional development workshops, I have mentioned how geography teachers like to write in reports ‘it would be beneficial to ENTER STUDENT NAME HERE to read around the subject more’. What I usually go on to discuss is the use of Flipboard as somewhere where worthwhile digital articles can be … Read more

Using online tools to support mapping, visualization and interpretation in the IB DP Geography Internal Assessment

Aims To explore online tools that will support students when they are mapping, visualizing and interpreting data for their IB DP Geography Internal Assessment. To explore Swiss data layers that may be useful for IB DP Geography students completing their Internal Assessments. Journey Tool Number 1 > Available in English, French, German, Italian (and … Read more