6 ways to help students be more productive by using Google Keep

Google Geep

Google Keep is Google’s note-taking service and part of you and your student’s G Suite. It has been around since 2013. Google continues to add new features to this commonly overlooked app. Now is the time to give it another look and help students to integrate it into their digital toolbox. To find Google Keep … Read more

Using digital tools to create infographics to present data with ‘an agenda’

Nuclear data

This blog post was produced after a request by one of my colleagues about how to use digital tools to produce infographics. The students were to be asked to produce infographics that present data that is ‘true but skewed’ to support a certain point of view. Research the data to be presented Before the students … Read more

Updates to Google Forms that you may have missed

Google Forms

Quizzes in Google Forms   With Quizzes, it is possible to select correct answers for multiple choice and checkbox questions to speed up the process of feedback. You can enter explanations and review materials to help students learn.   You can then specify point values for each multiple choice question. In that same menu you … Read more

Updates to Google Slides that you may have missed

Google Slides

Google Slides is a presentation application. It is Google’s version of Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote. It comes with all the online collaboration features that you would expect from G Suite for Education application. All staff and students have G Suite for Education accounts and therefore access to Google Slides.   Google is constantly updating … Read more

Building collaborative YouTube playlists with colleagues and students


All staff and students that use the Ecolint ‘Google Apps for Education’ domains (so anybody with a @ecolint.ch or @learning.ecolint.ch email address) has a YouTube account.   YouTube playlists are a convenient place to curate a set of YouTube clips for a whole number of reasons. Maybe you want to provide a playlist to help … Read more

Using Google Photos to build collaborative albums

Google Photos

Google has a cloud photo management system – Google Photos – which some consider to be the current best solution available. This week Google has added the ability to create ‘shared albums’ – where multiple people can contribute images into a single collaborative album. This could be rather useful! Imagine a team of teachers or … Read more

Having a file in multiple Google Drive folders

Google Drive

In Google Drive it is possible to ‘add selected items to an additional folder’. This means that you can have a file in more than one folder. You are not duplicating the file – you are just putting access to it in more than one place. The process: Select the file you would like to … Read more

Forcing students to make a copy of a Google Document, Sheet or Slide

Google Drive

You have produced a Google Document, Sheet or Slide and you want the students to make a copy of it so that they work upon their own copy. You can share the document with the students – with the students only having the right to view the document and then ask them to go to … Read more