Building collaborative YouTube playlists with colleagues and students


All staff and students that use the Ecolint ‘Google Apps for Education’ domains (so anybody with a or email address) has a YouTube account.   YouTube playlists are a convenient place to curate a set of YouTube clips for a whole number of reasons. Maybe you want to provide a playlist to help … Read more

Using Google Photos to build collaborative albums

Google Photos

Google has a cloud photo management system – Google Photos – which some consider to be the current best solution available. This week Google has added the ability to create ‘shared albums’ – where multiple people can contribute images into a single collaborative album. This could be rather useful! Imagine a team of teachers or … Read more

Having a file in multiple Google Drive folders

Google Drive

In Google Drive it is possible to ‘add selected items to an additional folder’. This means that you can have a file in more than one folder. You are not duplicating the file – you are just putting access to it in more than one place. The process: Select the file you would like to … Read more

Forcing students to make a copy of a Google Document, Sheet or Slide

Google Drive

You have produced a Google Document, Sheet or Slide and you want the students to make a copy of it so that they work upon their own copy. You can share the document with the students – with the students only having the right to view the document and then ask them to go to … Read more