Solution Number 1: Roundme


So after several hours trying different approaches and posting on the official Google Help Forum I can confirm that Google’s Street View app will not currently open photospheres from external links. I intend to outline a number of different solutions. I still want a simple workflow – that allows students to click a link on … Read more

Problem: I would like to create a ‘Google Expedition’s type experience in my classroom

Google Cardboard

As a geography teacher I want to take advantage of the teaching and learning opportunities that VR in the classroom presents. I teach the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Geography course and part of it is teaching ‘Extreme Environments’. As we discuss glacial landscapes and the processes that are forming them I want to ‘take’ the … Read more

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard is Google’s virtual reality platform. It is based upon the utilization of a user’s own smartphone device and a fold-out cardboard headset. This leads to a low-cost system which has much lower requirements for access within an educational setting. Google Cardboard’s specification were designed by Google but they do not manufacture the headsets … Read more

What is Classroom VR?

What is Classroom VR?

Classroom virtual reality (VR) is the use of simple, affordable VR platforms as part of effective and efficient teaching. Classroom VR is based upon an immersive multimedia experience – replicating a physical presence at a location in the real world. A stereoscopic display is created on a smartphone device which is then held by a … Read more

Using Google Photos to build collaborative albums

Google Photos

Google has a cloud photo management system – Google Photos – which some consider to be the current best solution available. This week Google has added the ability to create ‘shared albums’ – where multiple people can contribute images into a single collaborative album. This could be rather useful! Imagine a team of teachers or … Read more

Having a file in multiple Google Drive folders

Google Drive

In Google Drive it is possible to ‘add selected items to an additional folder’. This means that you can have a file in more than one folder. You are not duplicating the file – you are just putting access to it in more than one place. The process: Select the file you would like to … Read more

Forcing students to make a copy of a Google Document, Sheet or Slide

Google Drive

You have produced a Google Document, Sheet or Slide and you want the students to make a copy of it so that they work upon their own copy. You can share the document with the students – with the students only having the right to view the document and then ask them to go to … Read more

A journey through Search


The following steps may help you guide students (or staff) through various search skills. Tip: ensure that you are all using the same Google domain – either or Using geographically localize to the Google domain of the country you are in. Search: hurricane – how many results are there? Search: hurricane katrina … Read more