Four things to check out

Google Meet keyboard shortcuts

If you are ever wondering about the keyboard shortcuts for a Google Workspace (aka G Suite) application - try opening the application and pressing '?'.

The most useful keyboard shortcut in Google Meet is probably → ⌘/Ctrl + d which mutes and unmutes the microphone.

Read more here → Google Workspace Learning Center - Use Meet keyboard shortcuts.

Google Meet Training - from Google


Google has added some interesting Google Meet training resources to the Teacher Center with videos, PDFs etc. They are worth checking out if you are 'new' to Meets - or if you are reflecting upon how they can be used effectively as a remote-learning tool.

Read more here → Google for Education Teacher Center - Google Meet Training.

New default video playback option in Google Slides

Google has changed the default way videos play when you present in Google Slides. Now, the video will start playing when you click to advance the presentation. Previously, the presenter had to specifically click on the video to start playing.

Read more here → Google Workspace Updates - New default video playback option in Google Slides.

Student email overload

If you have a chance ask some of your students to show you their Gmail inbox. Are they coping with the amount of email they are getting? Can they see the 'important' emails for all the notifications which are generated by ManageBac and Google Classroom.

This is an interesting read upon the topic → Moving at the Speed of Creativity - Student Email Overload and GMail Filters.