Four things to check out

Digital whiteboarding integration in Google Meet

With the new Google Jamboard and Google Meet integration, you can now create or open an existing jam while on a Meet video call. This digital whiteboarding integration means you can use the Jamboard virtually to host collaborative brainstorming sessions with your coworkers or students in real-time, even when you can’t be in the same room.

Host collaborative brainstorms with new digital whiteboarding integration in Google Meet

The video above is by Richard Byrne who is well worth following for edtech updates and insights.

20+ tips and ideas for using Jamboard in the classroom

Check out this blog post from 'Ditch that textbook' → How to use Jamboard in the classroom: 20+ tips and ideas.

All International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations faculty and students have Jamboard enabled.

Kahoot's different question types

'Traditional' most people think that Kahoot is all about multiple choice questions. There are actually 4 different question types → quiz (multiple choice), true or false, type answer and puzzle. The type answer and puzzle question types are 'premium' and available by being part of the school's subscription.

Read more here → Kahoot Help and Support Center Question types

G Suite becomes Google Workspace

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