Four things to check out

Our Kahoot 'team'

The Campus des Nations team subscription is now all set up with Kahoot. We have access to the Premium+ features for the coming 365 days.

One of the reasons for the subscription is the collaborative focus it gives us as a 'team'.

The team element allows for easy sharing across the school and within departments. Have a quick look at the folders that have already been set up and consider adding your Kahoots to them for others to use.

Date + Big + Small

Giving files sensible names is a skill that we need to keep revisiting with our students (and ourselves).

I have been using the Date + Big + Small as an approach with the students I am currently working with. Date could be the day, the month or just the year. Big could be the subject or the unit. Small would be the title of the piece of work. So → Oct 20 - Unit 1 - Megacity Growth.

Google Terms Glossary

"Here’s a glossary of the tools we are using, and some extra resources, with explanations of how your child might be using them, along with a few video tutorials and additional resources linked at the end."


Manage citations in Google Docs

Google has added a native citations manager to Google Documents. Using this feature, users can easily insert in-text citations and create a bibliography in the MLA, APA, or Chicago (author-date) styles. Sources types supported include books, book sections, websites, journal articles and newspaper articles.

Read more here → Add citations and a bibliography