The idea is a weekly post – aimed at the needs of the educators at the International School of Geneva – Campus des Nations – linked to from the ‘Week at a Glance’. Each post will highlight four things of interest with some kind of increasing complexity or involvement.

All International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations staff have access to a 'full' Padlet subscription. Go to → Log in → Log in with Google → use your account.

What is Padlet?

Padlet is an online collaborative platform that is great for collecting ideas/feedback/input from a group of users. Padlet is less 'linear' than something like Google Documents would be. Padlet would be a good place to collect the ideas for inclusion in an essay that is then written in Google Docs.

Different formats of Padlet

Padlet formats

When creating a Padlet you have the choice of 8 different formats. These formats can provide inspiration for the many different educational uses their are of Padlet.

Settings and privacy

Padlet - Share

There are several ways that you can share a Padlet with your students/colleagues. You can have it set to 'secret' but anybody who finds the Padlet (via the link you share with them) can write on it. You can add members by email. You can require posts to have the author's name above them. You can add a profanity filter and even require a moderator to approve each post.


Does anybody have any Padlet use cases they would like to share? Please email me.