Google Expeditions is Google’s platform for enabling Google Cardboard users to experience visuals in an organised, teacher (guide) lead manner.

The visuals offered by Google Expeditions are not solely for the domain of geography teachers and their classes. Students at the International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations have been using Google Expeditions to view the heart, respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as exploring how ice and water may have formed the landscape of Yosemite National Park.

A Biology teacher at Campus des Nations guiding his class around the values of the heart

A Biology teacher at Campus des Nations guiding his class around the values of the heart

Although Google provides information for the teacher (guide) with each expedition the opportunities for any teacher to use the visuals within their own subject area is huge.

Google provides a spreadsheet of their current expeditions here but the best approach to explore the opportunities is to download the Google Expeditions app onto an Android or iOS (Apple) smartphone or tablet.Once you have the app then you can explore what Google has to offer.


Google Expeditions

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Here are just a few suggestions from a quick swipe through the expeditions on offer:

  • History - The historical buildings in the UK, Little Bighorn Battlefield, the War memorials around Ypres, Salem in 1630, Women’s suffrage in the United States, Middle Ages and Renaissance architecture
  • Earth Sciences/Geography - volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks, minerals and gems, Yellowstone National Park, exploring inside an Arctic glacier
  • Biology - Various ecosystems - coral reefs and wetlands, the auditory system, skeletal system, fertilization
  • Religious Education - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Holy Places in Jerusalem
  • Arts - The Freer and Sackler Galleries, the History of Jazz
  • Physics - the Moon, the Stratosphere, the Solar System, CERN
  • Experiences that could provide stimulus for creative writing - Varanasi, a trip to the North Pole, Greece, Out of Syria - back to school, The Burj Khalifa, Kathmandu, Nuclear disaster aftermath: The Fall Out