Assuming the use of Google as a search engine while using Google Chrome.

Tip 1: Search within a webpage or document

Use the find bar to locate a specific word or phrase on a webpage. You can use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and ⌘+F (Mac) to quickly open the find bar.


Search Tip 1

Tip 2: Use OR within a search query

Find pages that might use one of several words.


Search Tip 2

Tip 3: Use search to get number conversions

Use Google to quickly convert units.


Search Tip 3

Tip 4: Use Image search 'Search tools' to find images that can be reused

Use the 'Search tools' menu after doing an image search to filter results by usage rights.


Search Tip 4

Tip 5: Search within a specific site

Get results from certain sites or domains.


Tip 6: Search for related pages

Find sites that are similar to a web address you already know.


Tip 7: Use Web search 'Search tools' to find digital content posted within a certain time bracket

Use the 'Search tools' menu after doing a web search to filter results by date.