Type Create Google doc into the Omnibox, and Chrome will… Chrome Actions enable you to complete tasks from the browser quickly. Omnibox is Google's name for the address bar at the top of the Chrome window. As well as showing…

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Padlet - now with email and push notifications Everyone at Ecolint currently has access to a paid Padlet account. Padlet is an excellent collaboration tool and can be a useful 'front page' for a class, group or department. Padlet has…

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The following topics, ideas and themes are a summary of updates shared during the November 2022 IT themed faculty meeting at International School of Geneva - Campus des Nations Secondary. Managing tabs in Chrome How many open Chrome tabs is…

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ManageBac subject pages ManageBac is working to development more community around the use of the platform. Expect to see various community focused initiatives over the coming months. Something to check out straight way are subject pages. Log into ManageBac →…

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[This post is focused upon educators using a Lenovo C13 Chromebook] Your C13 Chromebook has a rechargeable USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) pen stowed on the front edge of the device, below the keyboard on the right hand side. There are…

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The 'How do you know what you don’t know?' newsletter

I write a (roughly) weekly newsletter. On a Tuesday, something not too long, four items in total, with the hope that you find something that you didn’t know and that is useful to you..

How do you know what you don’t know? It is about spreading some of the things that I am finding useful and sharing it in an easily accessible and digestible way.

The first item will be for all geography teachers and students based on bigger ideas and everyday geographies. The idea behind the second item is something that is more focused on the needs of IB DP geographers, educators and students. The third section is a quick update on something I am working on. The fourth and final item will be bit more random - often with a digital focus.

The ‘How do you know what you don’t know?’ newsletter is free, and isn’t (just) for geographers!